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How often do you stop and just take time to be grateful?


My name’s Emma (18) and I’m taking part in the Being Grateful experiment. The idea is to spend a few minutes every day for a week to think about what you’re grateful for and see the difference that can make. This is the first post of a short series on what being grateful means to me. So here goes!


I am grateful that it didn’t rain on me.

I was out walking our dog, out in the middle of nowhere with no chance of shelter and storm clouds loomed over my head. It was one of those moments where I thought I was doomed to get soaked through but luckily the rain held off. I was able to stand on top a small hill and watch the storm clouds around me with the wind in my hair and my favourite song in my ears, it felt like a really good moment where I was standing in the calm of the storm just waiting for it all to begin, even if I did manage to get back before it did.

I am grateful for our invasion of India.

I have a great love of curry, it’s a big comfort food for me and being able to enjoy some after a long day is always something I look forward to. After a day of coursework, shopping and general boringness to sit back with my favourite food, my family and a new episode of Midsomer Murders is something I’ll always be grateful for.

I am grateful of where I live.

I live out in the countryside where there isn’t a city for miles and the views are made of fields and cows. The reason I’m most grateful for living where I do is at night, I’ve always loved the stars and growing up mostly in London I never got to see much until we moved out here. On a clear night I can see a sky full of stars, all shining from millions and millions of miles away, it’s really beautiful. I’ve spend many hours staring out of the window watching the universe go by and it truly puts everything into perspective

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Reflection: How do you take time in your day to practice being grateful? It's five minutes of your day that can make you smile. Try it even on your worst days, there’ll be something.

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