We don´t like to brag (blush, blush), but this is what people are saying about us.

UNIVERSITY OF NOVA (Lisboa, Portugal):


At Nova, Young Happy Minds run run our program for Masterstudents, equipping the students with skills to enhance their time at University, in dealing with peer pressure, strengthen relationships and strive for their goals and dreams. Our theory of change is that supporting students in building confidence, self esteem and resilience will close the attainment gap. Wellbeing and happiness will guide us to academic success, not the other way around.

We are really pleased with the results! We can see that it did make a difference to our students and it was of great benefit for them to have this kind of contact with the tools from the PERMA model, specially at the beginning of their masters. 

Professor Nova Business School (Lisboa)

Marta Marques Pereira

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100% of the students said there is a need to learn positive psychology, and that this course should be part of the general curriculum at Minerva and in Universities in general. In a post-survey the Masterclass scored between: ”I liked the course very much” and ”the course was excellent» and the students mentioned that the course gave practical and useful tips for each of the PERMA-model ́s areas of focus. 

Positive Psychology is a multiplier to help us in what we are doing every day. Minerva can be an overwhelming experience, easy to over-focus on what is negative / challenging.This was very helpful to re-frame, be grateful, actually think about PERMA and take actionable steps in the Minerva-environment where we often feel "not enough".


Minerva University (21)

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LAMPTON ACADEMY (Hounslow, West London):


At Lampton, Young Happy Minds run 10 week programmes for year 7-9, equipping them with skills to enhance their wellbeing, deal with life’s challenges, live a life of meaning and purpose, strengthen relationships and strive for their dreams. Some of the students qualify for Pupil Premium and are chosen to participate in the programme to increase their confidence, self esteem, resilience, sense of purpose and to set goals to close the gap the face from their circumstances. We have quantified the impact in the results of the programme by measuring students that went through the programme against a control group before and after the programmel, using a wellbeing tool developed by New Philantropy Capital.The analysis shows the uplift in positive improvements were directly attributable to the students who were part of the workshops.

I now understand myself and my surroundings much better which has helped me to set myself meaningful goals.

Mariam (13)


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YOUNG IN PRISON (Netherlands):


We have done a pilot of workshops together with Purpose+ and the organisation Young In Prison to teach techniques of Positive Psychology to young people in prisons in The Netherlands. This pilot had such great sucess that it has now scaled to prisons in South-Africa, Kenya, Malawi and Colombia.

What I have seen until now with the youth we provided with the positive psychology exercises that it has the potential to heal their mind. It enhances the release of tension within a person and therefore it is a vital tool to support positive behavior change. It helps the young prisoners to express their thoughts and thereby allowing others to support them.

Facilitator for Young In Prison


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We provided risk consutany firm, Parker Fitzgerald with 'something different" for their graudate scheme programme. It was a 4 hour workshop introduction on the science of hapiness and positive pyschology. The feedback from the graduates was that it was different to anything else that they had experienced and had helped them transform some of their relationships and join the dots on how they got to be where they are today and to set some goals for the year ahead.

I would definitely recommend it to friends and have done. Definitely a very useful workshop for a group / environment embroiled in conflict because the message and methods are so powerful in evoking positive emotions. 


Parker Fitzgerald

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