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Meet some of the fabulous Young Happy Minds certified trainers (here presented in alphabetical order). Do you have a background in education, psychology, coaching, youth-work or corporate development and would be interested in becoming part of our team? Please feel free to drop us a line. 



Adrian is a committed and dedicated primary school teacher and author of "Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom: A practical guide to teaching happiness". His teaching practice has been strongly focused on the best ways of developing children’s levels of happiness and wellbeing, whilst ensuring they achieve their best academically. It is his strong conviction that children's education should be set up to allow them to become responsible, happy and well-rounded people. Here you can read how his students experienced his wellbeing-teachings, together on stage with the Dalai Lama at an «Action for Happiness» event. 

Ellen Price

ellen pRICE (UK)

Ellen believes in the power of people reaching their full potential and is passionate about helping people work better together to develop business and businesses. She believes building a career should be fun and the more that individuals can lead a fulfilling life at work and beyond, the more successful an organization will be. Ellen works with professional services firms, multinational corporates and entrepreneurial businesses to provide sales effectiveness consulting, training, and coaching (CTI trained). Prior to starting Think Feel Do in 2015, she gained 15 years’ experience driving team performance and business development best practice, within both global professional services and specialist boutique consultancies.



Emily has been part of Young Happy Minds since she attended our first Panorama Camp in 2016. She has been passing the learnings forward ever since, both on a personal and professional level. She initially started working with YHM as an intern and later she took our Teacher-training course. Via InterBridge academy she drives youth (12-18 years old) to stand at the forefront of the challenges we face today. She teaches the science of happiness as well as discussion-facilitation so the youth can learn, create solutions, and do better - for themselves, our planet and community. Emily is versatile in the way she perceives and acts towards others, always keeping service in mind. Currently, she is also pursuing a bachelor's degree in creative marketing communications as she believes there are several ways of passing the teachings forward, and she is striving to find the best way to do so.  


Emma Rowlands (UK)

Emma is passionate about sharing the benefits of positive psychology with others. She is a trained coach within the Co-Active programme and is keen to use her own strengths of humility, kindness and compassion to help others to live well-rounded lives. Emma is a marketing professional and has been part of building successful, positive company cultures and witnessed the benefits that comes with that (both for businesses and employees). She is however particularly passionate about encouraging young people to pursue their passions and helping them to build strength and resilience. Emmas vision is to share the power of positive psychology with the world and enjoys yoga, running and travelling in her spare time. 



Fiona is an ICF qualified coach with 7 years coaching experience. In her previous life, she worked in recruitment but always knew she could be making more impact in people’s lives and found coaching to be the vehicle to do just that. She coaches career changers, educators and young people and has delivered over 100 personal development, careers and leadership programmes to young people in schools, third sector organisations and universities. She is a Visiting Lecturer on the “Coaching for Business” course at City University. On a pro bono basis, she also supports students from less advantaged backgrounds at LSE and Goldsmiths on the "Openbook" project. She enjoys combining coaching with positive psychology and mindfulness for maximum impact.



Flourish | Engage | Lead | Iris believes in a world where wellbeing is at the heart of learning and development, where wellbeing fuels success. She believes in equipping young professionals with the tools they need to flourish; to learn how to become resilient and harness their authentic leader from the outset. She works with empowering individuals and organisations to make conscious choices so they can flourish. With an extensive toolbox and strongly believing in learning by doing, every interaction will be a unique blend of intuitive and creative approaches.


Kristian Gulbrandsen (NO)

Kristian has years of experience working as a sports teacher in kindergartens and schools both in Norway and in South-Africa. For the last 15 years he has inspired children how to explore life and enjoy happiness combining movement and relaxation. He is a co-writer on a textbook called ”The joy of movement in the kindergarten”, and has facilitated workshops for teachers in different parts of Norway. He is also a trained Intuitive Coach and is truly passionate about bringing forward peoples resources as a natural part of their lives. Now he is on a mission to spread the science of happiness to young people across the world.



A psychologist licensed from the University of Oslo in 2007, with a specialist education from the Norwegian Psychological Association. She has further education in cognitive sports psychology, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and is a certified COS-P and as an MST therapist. Kristin works daily with youth and has worked with multisystemic therapy for youth, such as a district Psychologists, School psychologist and BUP.  The Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, abbreviated BUP, is an offering in the specialist mental health service for children and adolescents in Norway.


Lisa deRoy (US)

Over the last 20 years, Lisa has dedicated her professional life to positively impacting teaching and learning as a practitioner, educational leader and consultant. She has facilitated over 700 workshops and presentations to teachers, administrators as well as various Ministries of Education. Lisa sees YHM as a powerful, life-changing experience showing individuals how to turn on their internal light via a shift in mindsets, perspectives and actions. Helping young people understand and implement the science behind happiness becomes not only a life skill but a new way of BE-ing while quietly impacting those around them. Lisa is responsible for our Train-the-trainers program. 


Lisa Bentley (AU / BE)

Lisa has a Bachelor of Applied Social Science majoring in Positive Psychology and Coaching. She is a passionate advocate of implementing Positive Education programs and initiatives in schools and has been for over ten years. In 2014 she received her Certificate in Positive Education from The University of Melbourne. Lisa cares deeply about the mental health and wellbeing of young people and believes we owe to our children to provide them with emotional “tools” which are directly aimed at helping them develop resilience, optimism and self-confidence. Lisa is currently the Leading coach at High On Life Coaching which helps clients from all walks of life using a “solution-focused” approach which incorporates a positive psychology framework.

Skjermbilde 2016-10-14 kl. 13.07.02.png

Mary Dewick (UK)

Mary has several years experience in the field of education. She is providing consultation services and teacher training to various schools wanting to implement a successful computing programme of study. She has developed training to teachers including; creative ways of enhancing learning and teaching through technology such as for example: Coding, Computer Game Design, Scratch and Lego Mindstorms. Mary wants to make a difference, and for her the mission of Young happy Minds, to provide the roots and wings for young people to thrive and flourish, is it!

Skjermbilde 2016-10-20 kl. 14.05.28.png

Nikki Levitan (UK)

Nikki is a trained coach, group facilitator and a community builder. A former youth worker and social justice activist. She has a passion for working with young people, teaching emotional wellbeing, leadership and positive psychology. She works with people to identify and understand their driving values and their strengths. Then build on their purpose and action this into their schools, lives, communities and places of work more. Nikki is the founder of Community of Opportunity, a project committed to building a community of changemakers through creating platforms for transformation, wellbeing and self-discovery.


Sam Martin (UK)

Sam used Positive Psychology to hack himself to a First class Psychology and Sociology Cambridge degree. His central theme is to aid the development and progression of high potential professionals and young people. He has experience in Talent Management with Atos, Executive Search at Moloney Search, and has recruited top graduate talent for some of the UK's fastest growing startups and SMEs. Sam is the founder of Smart Choice Student Support and teaches students and young professionals how to successfully apply principles from the field of positive psychology into their study approach and the navigation of their career.


Sarah Judd (AU)

Sarah is an Aussie who has been in London the last 10 years, but now moving back to Australia and will bring Young Happy Minds with her. Sarah is a trained coach who´s background is with Internal communication and engagement incorporates - giving employees a voice and making work something enjoyable. She believes it's about having strong values and clear 'why'. Her dream is to engage educators - reminding and reigniting their passion for why they do what they do + sharing what people are doing around the world in alternative education. 


Sheila Lousada (UK)

Sheila is a trained CTI coach and has subsequently completed a Youth and Parenting Diploma with the Coaching Academy. She also has a foundation qualification in Counselling and has a long career in providing effective coaching techniques that equips children, teenagers and their parents with strategies and skills to help them cope in an increasingly complex world. From a parenting point of view, she has first-hand knowledge of work/life balance issues as well as the thorny subject of childcare! Sheila is also the founder of Good to Talk Coaching and got her passion for emotional wellbeing taught in schools well explained through her brilliant TedX talk.


siri C.Warren (NO)

Siri is an innovation consultant who assists and advises businesses and entrepreneurs that develop and push for solutions to societal challenges. She is dedicated to help organizations design their business in a way that inspires and excites and takes innovation processes from linear to exploratory and iterative, bringing in play, fun and surprise. As an industrial designer she values an aesthetic approach to the process. And last but not least: She likes to materialize it, making sure that results will be tangible and implementable. Siri is also a challenge facilitator at THNK School of Creative Leadership


Sophie Conijn (NL)

Sophie studied Child Psychology at the University of Utrecht and Positive Psychology with Tal Ben Shahar at the Wholebeing Institute in the US. She divides her time between interim HR projects for organisations such as McKinsey & Company and helping students and young professionals to discover their talents when choosing a (new) career. Sophie has facilitated workshops at summer camps with children (6-18 years old) to help them improve their self-confidence, assertiveness and social empowerment. Mainly, she hopes to inspire many children to live their lives from a positive perspective!


Tone Mari Bjøreng (NO)

Tone Mari is a child development pedagogue and has over 30 years experience working with children and youth all ages - in kindergarten, schools and colleges. She has established Hellerudtoppen kindergarten, developed and delivered pedagogical teacher training for preschool teachers, an annual children's theatre festival in Oslo, and was a pioneer in bringing meditation to Norway. She established the first Ascension-meditation centre in Oslo and is also a qigong trainer. Her essence is compassion and her strengths are love and perspective. She finds joy in working with what she finds truly meaningful. Therefore, she participated in Young Happy Minds first Training Course and is part of the team that currently establishes the organisation in Norway.


Tonje Frøystad Garvik (NO)

Tonje works in the maritime industry and has a master's degree in organizational psychology, leadership and business strategy. She has worked several years in sales to learn and understand how the client thinks and is a change agent in Autronica Fire and Security. Where she is responsible for change, lead innovation and increase internal cultural understanding through understanding yourself, your values and your role in a group and why we react like we do. Tonje is a certified trainer in positive psychology through Young Happy Minds and a self-proclaimed phycology geek.


Wendy Sage (CA / UK)

Wendy is passionate about helping people understand the value of social and emotional intelligence to make the world a more harmonious place for us all to live in.  She loves seeing how people develop, grow and flourish from the YHM  program.  She is truly inspired as they explore their pleasures and strengths, redefine relationships and develop best practices to live life with a renewed sense of wellbeing. Wendy is a Professionally Certified Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) educated and trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and has her coaching accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Wendy has also trained in Positive Psychology, is a Certified Mindfulness Educator and does work in bereavement.

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