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If you are a teacher, psychologist, coach or youth-worker, this course is for you.

It was a great course and quite revelationary for me so it showed me the potential to help students discover inner qualities about themselves that maybe they didn't know about. 


Healthy Body and Mind leader at Westfield Primary School

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YOUNG HAPPY MINDS TRAINER COURSE is all about positive mental exercises which we teach in a playful and fun way, to provide our youth with new and helpful tools they can apply in a rapidly changing world.   

The new media reality is now commonplace, but few are aware of that in just two years, from 2014 to 2016, a technological development equaling that of the last 70 years took place. One of the consequences is that you are now growing up in a digital reality which increasingly impact the choices you make

and the options you have. This has an enormous effect on both mind, body and society.


If you're passionate about getting well-being valued as highly as academic success in schools, join us, and become a certified Young Happy Minds Trainer!



Over the course of 4 days, you will: 

  • Learn in real time how to teach the 10 week programme and shorter workshops

  • Have opportunities to practise teaching key activities and exercises

  • Receive all the materials you need to start delivering the programme

  • Explore pedagogical approaches and classroom management techniques

  • Further your own knowledge of positive psychology and the science of happiness

  • Practise the application of positive psychology strategies for your own wellbeing

  • Become a certified Young Happy Minds Trainer

If you're passionate about getting well-being valued as highly as academic success, register your interest for our next course here.

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