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We offer programmes and workshops for young people, teachers and parents.


Our signature programme for students ranging from Yr 7 to Yr 18 is a 10 week programme rooted in the Science of Happiness and Positive Psychology. We teach the young people that we work with how to enhance their own wellbeing, deal with life’s challenges, live a life of meaning and purpose, strengthen relationships and strive for their dreams. Students participating in the programme take part in an wellbeing evaluation, developed by New Philanthropy Captial, measuring life satisfaction, self esteem and emotional wellbeing before and after. See our Success Stories page for more information on the impact of the programme.



We offer a selection of workshops for schools focused on creating Positive Mindsets, which are ideal for Deep Learning, Enrichment or Drop Down Days, where we introduce students to positive psychology and its associated practices, that can help provide the foundations for success at school and in life. We also offer workshops for staff and parents and provide strategies to use in the classroom and at home. We cover the basics of Positive Pyschology by teaching the 5 elements of the Perma model: how to cultivate Positive Emotions, experience more Engagement, strengthen Relationships, explore Meaning and Accomplishments. 


ONLINE TOOLS: We have online tools so that it is easier to transform the science of happiness into daily routines.

























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