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Hello world, we're Young Happy Minds and we're on a mission to spread the science of happiness to people across the world. 


Linn is a lawyer and former Senior Vice President in IT Retail Banking at DNB. She is an experienced leader with a passion in developing teams and individuals and creating value for employees, customers and shareholders. Strong professional skilled in Business Development, Strategy, and Organizational Development. Linn believes that if we use our energy to build ourselves and others up, we will all have a more sustainable future.

Managing Director

Linn SAndvik

Skjermbilde 2020-03-24 kl. 22.12.59.png

A professional Red Bull athlete, free skier and BASE jumper who was the first female athlete to complete a ski BASE. Karina´s life was turned upside down when she had a near fatal skydiving accident in 2006 and was predicted to never walk again. She endured 20 surgeries and has had to relearn to walk, but she has returned to skiing and is now an internationally published author, public speaker and TV-presenter.

Her ability to push boundaries, stay focused and power to re-mobilize through hardship, are core qualities she transmits through her coaching and speaking. 

Co-Founder / Head of E-learning

Karina Hollekim


Our tech wizz Harald built his first website when he was 12 and started his first business when he was 17.

Besides working with business development and building our tech, Harald is planning, creating and maintaining high-performing digital ads and sales-funnels that will attract, nurture and convert leads into clients. 

Partner and CTO

Harald Røine


Expertise in teaching and learning as a practitioner, educational leader and consultant. Focuses on technology integration best practices for learning. A certified CTI-coach specialized in mentoring leaders.

Part of the exclusive group of Antler entrepreneurs.

Business Development

Linn Elise bjerkeli


Expert in positive psychology and how to take serious topics out to the market with a consumer-first lens, creating valuable engagement. Martine is also Co-Founder and partner of CHOOOSE, the climate action company that makes it easy for consumers and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. Winner of Oslo Innovation Week 100 Pitches and rewarded best Nordic startup by Richard Branson's Xtreme Tech Challenge.




Although no longer actively involved in Young Happy Minds, Yvonne was the originator of the idea. Along with Martine, she originally lead its development in the UK and wider afield. Yvonne completed her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania where she was taught by some of the heavy weights of the Positive Psychology world, including Martin Seligman and Angela Duckworth. She is still very passionate about and supportive of Young Happy Minds and remains an informal advisor and friend.




Meet our board and our advisors

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As a serial entrepreneur, manager and business developer, Stian has played a key part in developing JCP to become one of the leading communications houses in the Nordic region, with a strong focus on performance culture and employee development. He is a firm believer in using the techniques of  Young Happy minds that builds mental resilience, engagement and wellbeing through research based positive psychology.

Chairman of the Board



Karen Elisabeth has extensive experience in corporate innovation and the startup ecosystem. She is managing the investments at DNB Ventures, DNBs corporate venture arm, one of the largest in the Nordics in terms of market capitalization. Karen-Elisabeth is driven by passion, and her passions lie in connecting people and stimulate the corporate/startup ecosystem to create impact and sustainable results.

DNB Ventures

karen elisabeth ohm heskja

Skjermbilde 2020-04-03 kl. 15.56.02.png

Managed a national project on lifeskills and youth participation. Coordinator of the Children's report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2017. Skilled in Organisational development and capacity building, Strategy Implementation, International Relations, Management, and Social Inclusion. Former Manager of CSR and  Head of business collaboration and income-generating partnerships for Norwegian Red Cross. 

Strong professional with a Master's Degree focused in International Human Rights Law from University of Oxford.

Organisational Advisor at LNU - The Norwegian Children and Youth Council

Cecilie PrebenseN

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Katapult invests in early-stage technology startups with a positive impact on our planet. They believe that the best way to make the world better is through businesses dedicated to solve the big problems and provide value to humans and planet. Anders was previously the CEO of Enoro, a software provider of Smart Energy management, offering a complete software chain in the meter-to-cash portfolio of small to large energy utilities. Anders has also been the CEO for Itera Consulting and Executive Vice President for the Itera group. Prior to joining Itera in 2010, he held executive positions at Capgemini both in Norway and at European level for more than a decade.

Co-founder and chairman of Katapult

Anders H. LIer

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Cilia Holmes Indahl is CEO of Katapult, a group of companies that invests in scalable tech solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Prior to joining Katapult, Cilia worked as Sustainability Director in Aker BioMarine and trainee at the Norwegian Mission to the Unites Nations. She is also Co-founder of Sustainability Hub Norway and member of the Nordic Council’s Environmental Prize Committee.With a double master degree in International Business and Sustainable Development from NHH and HEC Paris, her focus is the link between sustainability and profitability. 

Katapult learning

Cilia Holmes Indahl

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