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How many positive emotions can you name?

EXERCISE: Before you read this whole article write down 5 positive emotions in 30 seconds. Than do the same thing with 5 negative emotions...

Even though there are equally as many positive as negative emotions, you will find that it is often much easier to name the negative ones. Why? Because we have taken upon this evolutionary package from thousands of years back, when we had to worry about our survival - "Is this dangerous / how can I avoid it?". Our brains are wired to avoid fear rather than to search for good. On this website we will share more exercises on how to rewire our system to focus more on the positive emotions. Hang around. :)

The 10 most common Positive Emotions are:

1. Love

2. Serenity

3. Forgiveness

4. Awe

5. Joy

6. Interest

7. Hope

8. Pride

9. Amusement

10. Inspiration

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