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The Youth’s Quest for Purpose

Hi, I'm Vaaruni (13) one of YHM young ambassadors and I wanted to talk about something that effects everyone: Finding a purpose in life.

“What is my purpose in life?” This is a question everyone has asked themselves at some point or another, most often on their deathbed; when sitting with a steaming cup of coffee, dark circles under eyes at work; or on those rainy afternoons which just make you feel more thoughtful as the raindrops plop into puddles, leaving behind soft ripples as the last memento of its existence. But it’s also a question asked by almost every single teenager that has ever walked the Earth. In an age of self-discovery and optimistic dreams, fuelled by hormonal uncontrollability and an impulsive headiness, the need to have a purpose, a goal, is strong and necessary. Especially in the modern world, where at 14, one has to make the decision as to what they will study to help them fuel a career lasting the span of the next 50 years of their life! So, naturally you’d ask: How do I find my purpose in life then?

Well, being 13 myself, I know that this question baffles even the brightest. There are a million avenues to choose from and a million voices trying to guide you in a million ways. But under all this, there’s a tiny little voice humming inside you. Its beautiful melody is obstructed from reaching you because of all the other voices hushing it up. That voice is your heart – and you need to try and hear it. Everything you’ll ever be is already in you because everything you’ll ever be is determined by the unison of your heart and your head. At the risk of becoming clichéd, I quote the age old saying: Follow your heart but take your head with you! But to be honest, this “listen to your heart business” is not at all easy to do – perhaps you say it’s easy to preach but just as hard to practise. You wouldn’t be very wrong in saying so. However, if we just slowed down a little, spent a bit more time with ourselves and just reflected a little more, it definitely wouldn’t be unachievable. You don’t need to become a Tibetan monk to be happy and content!

There’s no web link or DIY catalogue to aid you in finding your purpose but all the help you need will come from within you. To find purpose, one needs to learn to love themselves first. And to love yourself, you need to love everything that makes you: Your quirks, your imperfections AND your strengths. A few random acts of kindness and gratuitousness might just go a long way to make you feel better and happier! So slow down, take a deep breath and smile because there’s only one thing you have to remember: If you’re happy, you’re doing it right. And if you’re not, then it’s time to delve a little deeper because that purposeful drive and motivation is only going to come from within you…

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