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My Young Happy Minds "Why"- Sam Martin

We’re back with another My Young Happy Minds “Why”! Last time out we heard from our American friend and representative Lisa De Roy, check it out here if you missed it.

Under the spotlight this time is Sam Martin, one of our facilitators and all-round handyman for Young Happy Minds.

“I first got in touch with Young Happy Minds after recently starting my own blog where I shared insight into how I achieved a First at Cambridge University after embracing Positive Psychology. I had just started tutoring a few students one on one in ‘Positive Study Habits’ and after seeing how receptive my students were, I wanted to start contributing to the positive education movement in a way that had a much larger impact. Luckily in my research I stumbled across Young Happy Minds and instantly fell in love with what they do.

The reason for this is because I have experienced firsthand how a large proportion of young people are no way near as happy and fulfilled as they can be. Most Cambridge students are either stressed, depressed, or both, and don’t fully enjoy what should be the best three years of their lives.

So for me, after seeing how beneficial positive psychology and placing a stronger emphasis on well-being can be for students, I see Young Happy Minds as something that’s desperately needed in our education systems today.

We all face our problems and challenges in life and I believe Young Happy Minds can provide our young people with the necessary tools and strategies to overcome such challenges and find true happiness.”

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