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It exceeded my expectations. I would definitely do it again...

One of the participants at Panorama Camp, our first ever summer camp in the Norwegian mountains, share her experience. "I felt only good vibes and it was life changing."

The week at Panorama camp exceeded my expectations. I felt only good vibes and it was life changing. It wasn't only a ton of challenging activities, it was also a week filled with love, peace, happiness, socialising, challenges, succeeding and learning. They challenged us by letting us face our fears and learning new things. It is a great way to get out of ones comfort zone. We learned a lot from the program Young Happy Minds; we learned what it is to be happy, and how we can be more happy. The things we learned in this program had such a great impact on our everyday lives and we can use this knowledge everyday in which it will influence us in a more positive way, and learning how to be a more happy person, seeing things from a different perspective and being a better person to yourself, and most importantly: to others. The staff were very welcoming and relaxed. There were only good vibes at Nøsen yoga retreat center, and it gave us a warm calming feeling. It was a successful camp, that exceeded my expectations in every way and i would definitely do it again! The camp was life changing, coming home with a different mind set and a ton of fun memories.

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