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Spring Cleaning

My name's Emma I'm 18 and this is one of my little happiness hacks to help when times get a little bit tough.

Spring cleaning is not something I can say I typically do, I might hoover once a month and god knows the last time I cleaned the windows. I’m quite a messy person, I have clothes all over the floor, mugs on the bedside table and dust on the bookshelves, and I bet your own room isn’t much different. We’ve got better things to do then clean our rooms, or we like to think we do. I know cleaning your room is something your mum nags you to do and something you’ll ‘get around to’ but I actually find it helps when things begin to get a bit too much.

There’s something about getting up and decluttering the place that feels strangely calming. It doesn’t matter if it’s just picking your dirty clothes off the floor or changing the bed sheets. You can put on your favourite album and have a bit of dance around as you clear the space on your floor. I always find when my inspiration is lacking and I can’t find the words I do tend to tidy my room. My room is the place where I do most of my work, sat on my bed with my music playing and it’s where I spend most of my time. We all need our own personal space and when it begins to get a bit cluttered and messy sometimes that can get into your head, it can feel like things are a bit on top of you and you’re having to fight your way out.

So next time the world begins to feel a little bit too much, put on your favourite song and starting picking the things off the floor. Maybe you’ll find that thing you’d thought you’d lost or some spare change hiding in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. It’s one of those things you put off, thinking you’ll do it later but actually getting it done can really help. Once you start you’ll feel lighter and hopefully you’ll find that inspiration has been hiding there all along.

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