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My gratitude experiment (part 7)


My name’s Emma (18) and I’m taking part in the Being Grateful experiment. The idea is to spend a few minutes every day for a week to think about what you’re grateful for and see the difference that can make. This is the seventh post of a short series on what being grateful means to me.

So here goes!


I grateful of where I work

I’ve mentioned before I work or rather volunteer in a charity shop and this week marks a year since I started. In that time I’ve learnt a lot, not only about how it all works but people as well. I’ve made friends with the people I work with, I’ve become a member of the family, whether it’s starting in the cold on market day, running around the shop on a busy day or helping out on a quiet one. I may not get paid but I wouldn’t change what I do for anything.

I am grateful for my imagination

Ever since I was little and running around our local woods with a stick pretending to be Hermione Granger I’ve loved to write stories. When I was very little I used to tell stories of my toys to mum who’d write them out for me, long car journeys were just an excuse to make something up as the world rushed past and even now I’ll be up late scribbling down ideas. I love to write, my mind is always buzzing with ideas, I have notebooks filled with the things my imagination comes up with that I one day hope to write.

I am grateful for Sylvanian Families

Growing up I had a huge collection of Sylvanins and after I grew too old for them they lived under my bed. That was until I discovered a thrift shop a short drive from my home, I gave them my Sylvanians and I got the money, with a small amount going to charity as well. I took in all of my collection before Christmas, thinking some kid might like them and I’d all but forgotten about it until now. I went in today and found out I’d sold all of them, making myself over £50! I loved my Sylvanian Families growing up and I’m still thankful for them now why I spend the money on grown up things, like learning to drive.

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Reflection: How do you take time in your day to practice being grateful? It's five minutes of your day that can make you smile. Try it even on your worst days, there’ll be something.

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