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My gratitude experiment (part 6)


My name’s Emma (18) and I’m taking part in the Being Grateful experiment. The idea is to spend a few minutes every day for a week to think about what you’re grateful for and see the difference that can make. This is the sixth post of a short series on what being grateful means to me.

So here goes!


I am grateful for a good book

I’ve always loved reading, ever since I picked up an Agatha Christie for the first time. You can always find a book beside my bed and a bookcase overflowing with my latest finds. I love to read, to step away from real life for a moment and into the life of another. To go to Hogwarts, solve crimes, travel in time or just be someone else, books have this amazing power to take you to someplace else. I’ve read countless books where I’ve just had to put it down and been like wow, I’ve been brought to tears, laughed out loud and had my life changed.

I am grateful for the power of music

I know I’ve spoken about music before but I’m always amazed by the power of it. I had a slightly rubbish day but I know I can always rely on the right song to cheer me right up. It has the power to make a bad day better, to make you dance, cry and sing, maybe even all at once. I remember I went to see my favourite band a few months ago and there was this one moment, this one song where I felt l could do anything, the beat thumping in my heart, the lyrics in my head, I never wanted that moment to end. The right song at the right time could change the world.

I am grateful for my best friend

My best friend is amazing, she’s been through a hell of a lot and she always comes out fighting. I have so much love and respect for her, we became friends through the internet three years ago and haven’t looked back since. She’s always there when I need her, whether it’s to cheer me up or because I’m in a really great mood and need someone to share it with. She listens to my rambling, ignores my misspellings and just makes me smile. God knows why she puts up with me but I’m so thankful that she does.

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Reflection: How do you take time in your day to practice being grateful? It's five minutes of your day that can make you smile. Try it even on your worst days, there’ll be something.

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