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Heads up for our Xmas Kindness Calendar!

"Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more..."

Looking for a Xmas calendar that can bring happiness to you and others? Join the Christmas Kindness Calendar Challenge. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram from December 1st to see a new "Random Act of Kindness" everyday that you can do with people you care for.

Btw, we tend to underestimate the effect our good deeds can have on others. But if we hug three people, they do the same for three more people and they then hug another three, after only twenty iterations we will have touched every single person in the world! So join our Xmas Kindness Calendar Challenge, nominate someone to join you and make goodness go viral.

But watch out! You might catch the "helpers high". Research suggests that doing good deeds for others creates the same effect in your brain as if others are doing good things for you.

See you on FB or Instagram. :)

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