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The incredible story of a Buddhist lama

Becoming a Lama at the age of 9 The Buddhist Lama, Dolpo Tulku Rinponche, has a very special story. At the age of 9 he ran away from home (a high-altitude culturally Tibetan region in Nepal) to go to see the Dalai Lama in India. There was no intellectual reasoning for him wanting to do this. He just had an urge...

It turns out that Dalai Lama´s teacher posesses a peace of paper with the name of the young boy, his parents and the village he comes from written on it. They say that the little one is awaited and recognized as the reincarnation of a Lama, the third Dolpo Nyingchung Drubthob. And wheather you believe in reincarnation or not, by the age of 9 he was sent for education in South India as a Lama and a Monk. His journey then took quite a different path then what he could have ever imagined when running away from his little remote village, 4200 meters above sea level.

17 years later, Dolpo Tulku Rinponche returns to his his home region to the biggest of welcome ceremonies to take over the responsibilities of his predecessor as a Buddhist spiritual leader of Dolpa. On his return he was accompanied by a German film team, who produced an award-winning documentary ‘Dolpo Tulku – Return to the Himalayas’.

Friendship Beyond Borders Jump up, jump up and get down! The Lama Dolpo Tulku Rinponche is a fantastic man, full of so much playfulness, humbleness and wisdom. We became good friends and had some great talks. The philosophic and psychological teachings within Buddhism share commonalities with modern scientific findings in Positive Psychology; amongst them compassion, gratitude and meditation - and how to bounce back when things are getting tough.

Dolpos Tulku Rinponches work

His responsibilities are to guide three main monasteries, three retreat centers and the people of Dolpo. The Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation has the main aims to promote the protection of the environment, the improvement of the health care and the effective combination of modern and traditional education. He runs several schools and hospitals and helped in the restoration after the terrible earthquake of Nepal.

What is a Lama?

Tibetan Buddhism believes that everybody is reborn / reincarnated. A Lama is a title for a "high priest" of Tibetan Buddhism. Historically, the term was used for venerated spiritual masters or heads of monasteries.

The Science of Happiness and Buddhism

Young Happy Minds is based on the science of happiness, and we are not religious in any way, but the essence of all religion "compassion" is something we value greatly. We are lucky to have the Buddhist Lama, Dolpo Tulku Rinponche in the Young Happy Minds Support -Network. He will teach us about compassion, appreciation and another thing or two about the "road to happiness".

We are very honored to be his friend and to have gotten to know this wonderful person. Looking forward to spend more time together in the future! <3

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