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Random Acts Of Kindness

Here's a little story I wanted to share with you from a few weeks ago, which really shows how powerful positive psychology can be. I was on the bus, running late and two men got on. One man swiped his Oyster card and sat down but the other younger man didn't have enough money for his fare. He tried to use the Oyster card of his friend but it didn't work. The bus driver was asking him to leave but he wouldn't go and everyone on the bus was getting frustrated, including me.

I don't know if it's all the reading I have been doing around positive psychology or the mediation that I now do daily that made me do what I did, but I suddenly went from a feeling of frustration to a feeling of empowerment by realising that I had the power to change the situation. I got off my seat and went and paid for his fare. He was grateful, the other people on the bus were grateful, the bus driver was grateful and I felt really good about it too!

Conscious random acts of kindness really do make us happier. Why don't you try a random act of kindness out this weekend and share the results with us? ‪

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