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Healthy Young Minds

Hey you out there, READ THIS!

UN launched the new World Happiness Report 2015 on April 23rd. The report shows a study about the aspects of child development that are most important in determining whether a child becomes a happy, well-functioning adult. The study followed children from birth into adulthood and shows that of the three key features of child development (academic, behavioural, or emotional), emotional development is the best of the three predictors, and academic achievement the worst. Half of mentally ill adults already showed the symptoms by the age of 15, yet even in the richest countries in the world only a quarter of the young mentally ill are in treatment. With one-third of the current global population being under 18 years of age, a focus on well-being amongst young people is therefor one of the most obvious and cost-effective ways to invest in future world happiness! Get the whole report here.

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