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4 months later - what has changed?

Students who went through our ten week programme were measured against a control group before and after the 10 weeks using a wellbeing measure tool developed by NPC (New Philanthropy Capital). The results were fantastic and coupled with the strong and growing evidence demonstrating that increased wellbeing of students positively affects achievement, we're really excited about the future. See the results here.

But what do the students have to say? 4 months after the programme, we asked them for some feedback and here are some snippets of what they had to say.

“this course helped me to find my inner happiness. Believe it or not, I really am a much more happy and content person now than I was before the 10 week course which (this sounds cheesy, but it is true!), pretty much changed my life. Maybe not dramatically, but my outlook on events is very different and I guess the biggest change is, I laugh more. But I believe that even though this doesn’t mean much today, in the grand scheme of things, it is this very positive outlook and ability to find my own happiness which will help me in achieving all I can in life.I’m happier and my academic performance has picked up because I’m more resilient now. I feel I have a growth mindset”

- Vaaruni Nayak, 9J

“After the YHM Programme, something big happened in my life. My academic performance in some areas has risen and I feel more confident about myself”

- Ebony Francis 9P

“I’ve been feeling more happy and I don’t get as moody. Also the program has improved my self-esteem so I am more confident”

- Amit Rihal, 9K

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