March 6, 2019

Sometimes it can be challenging to know how to get out of a bad mood. Thoughts get stuck in the same cycle and you feel low on energy. Have you ever noticed how your body-posture is when you are in this state? Probably head down and shoulders a bit forward. 

Did you kno...

April 13, 2018


My name’s Emma (18) and I’m taking part in the Being Grateful experiment. The idea is to spend a few minutes every day for a week to think about what you’re grateful for and see the difference that can make. This is the first post of a short series on what being...

April 9, 2015

EXERCISE: Before you read this whole article write down 5 positive emotions in 30 seconds. Than do the same thing with 5 negative emotions...

Even though there are equally as many positive as negative emotions, you will find that it is often much easier to name the nega...

April 8, 2015

It's Expert Wednesday here at Young Happy Minds, so who better to learn from than Barbara Frederickson. Some really interesting stuff here! Positive emotions are important not only because they feel good, but instead of narrowing our focus like negative emotions do, po...

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Oh yes, difficult times will always come. There are also no quick fix to eternal happiness (too bad), but research shows that although our general mood levels and well-being are partially determined by factors like genetics and upbringing,
"roughly 40 percent of our happiness is within our control."
Good news right?
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